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33 Codes
Blueprint for the New Earth


Introduction to 33 Codes

I received detailed instructions from the highest guides of humanity’s evolution during an out-of-body journey to the New Earth on Jan 9th, 2021.

33 Blueprint Codes for the New Humanity are now being received daily, one code each day. The guides showed me our current Earth will undergo many energetic changes before the planetary ascension is complete. The 33 Codes will play a key role in the activation of the new planetary crystalline grid. The grid already exists but it is dormant and when the 33 codes are received and distributed around the planet in a physical form, the new planetary gird will switch on. The 33 Codes are received as coded words, a codex for the new humanity but their power is not in the words. The codes are downloaded as diamond plasma fields. When the codes are printed or published, their diamond plasma will create powerful vortexes around the world. The crystalline grid will spontaneously activate through the mighty energetic charge of these 33 Codes.

The physical book of 33 CODES is a gift technology to humanity and Mother Earth. It was given to us by the Elohim and the Council of Creation. Each book is a vortex of pure rainbow Source light. 


The book printed on thick full color paper in hard cover represents a Source rainbow golden light vortex. By owning the book, you are an important anchor for the New Earth patterns of perfection. 

When enough of these vortexes are around the world, the old distorted planetary grid will dissolve and the New Earth grid will switch on. The EVENT is in our hands! 

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