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This powerful vibrational activation contains specific frequencies to activate the mystical rainbow body of light through the sacred chamber of the innocent heart. The music channeled by a master Harm0nizer, Ali, is tuned to the miracle frequency of 432Hz for natural resonance of our bodies with the body of Mother Earth. Ali is a luminous visionary, connected deeply to the angelic realms of Divine Mother and Divine Mother herself, in the embodiment of Mother Mary and Green Tara. Ali’s beautiful voice became the vehicle for the Mother’s light and love to guide us energetically during this 11-min recording to transmute energetic misalignments. As all emotional, mental and physical energetic channels become coherent within us, we experience the most mystical inner transformation - we become ignited by the rainbow light of Mother Earth and Source. We become Holy Grails. May this activation reach that sacred chamber of your heart. 

Rainbow Body Ascension Activation

Rainbow Body Ascension Activation

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"I am in daily communion with many aspects of Divine Mother. She reveals to me day by day the most ancient mysteries of our lives and Planet Earth. It is our destiny to become rainbow children of the Earth again. We are now going through the most accelerated process of transformation of our reality and our bodies. Divine Mother revealed to me how the mystical rainbow body functions, how it gets activated and what superpowers it leads to. The key to the activation of the rainbow body is the sacred chamber of the innocent heart. I reached out to my soul sister, Ali, to co-create this amazing activation. Ali is a selfless musician and a lightworker. I would love to ask that we support Ali's breathtaking creation and her service to Mother Earth, by donating a small amount directly to Ali. The transition of Mother Earth could not be successfully achieved without the selfless hearts of creative beings like you and Ali. Thank you." ~ Adi, Green Tara

Donation based download

1. Send $15 or more donation to Ali via PayPal

2. Download the Activation to your computer