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Ancient Prophecies Are Being Fulfilled

Updated: Apr 7

The next decade, 2020-2030, is the time of the Great Turning. Ancient prophecies from all around the world speak about the Great Turning as the end of one world and the beginning of a new world. Some call it the end of the 3rd dimension and the beginning of the 5th dimension. Others call it the end of the old Earth and the birth of the New Earth. Native American tribes speak of the end of the 4th world and the rise of the 5th world. No matter what we call the Great Turning, there is one thing all of these prophecies have in common: they all tell us that this ascension process is not about us, nor our individual lives. It is about a return of Mother Creator. Mother Creator also has many names. We can call her Divine Mother as she was called by the mystics of India, such as Yogananda.

The Divine Mother is the mother of all forms, including the Earth. The prophecies tell us that the time will come when the only way to successfully enter the New Earth will be by reconnecting with Mother Nature. The time has come. The journey begins in 2020. We are being called to let go of systems that no longer served us and reconnect and realign with the energy of Nature. Nature is filled with life force. This life force is often referred to as kundalini. Kundalini has been dormant in most of us but now is the time to awaken her and become fully alive for Goddess Life. When the kundalini awakens, so does our rainbow body. Traditions all around the world speak of the rainbow body as our original self as well as our destination. As we awaken our rainbow body, we can fully give of our light to the Earth for her healing and restoration after thousands of years of abuse.

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