• Adi

What Is Our Real Mission and Purpose

Updated: Apr 7

We have been asking for millennia: 'What is our purpose?" When the electromagnetic frequency of the Earth changed last time, we were made to forget and our memory of who we were was erased. We are now remembering. Not because we tried so hard, but because the Mother Creator came back in August 2017 on the night of the solar eclipse. The mystery is very big. Since the Mother Creator or the Divine Mother came back, Mother Earth has been raising her frequency. Mother Earth is part of the large cosmic body of the Divine Mother Creator. Our real mission and purpose is to love Goddess Life again. Our purpose and mission is to love Mother Nature with all our hearts, minds and souls. It is very simple and yet unbelievably profound. When we consciously add our lightbodies to the magnetic and light grids that surround Mother Earth, we become deliberate Earth Healers. By adding our light to her body, we assist in her frequency rising.

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