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It would be foolish to ever obstruct the river of Life. It would be unnatural to ever diminish the power of the cosmic creation current. It would be against the intent present in all things to ever manipulate the flow. It would be unreasonable to ignore the primal wisdom of the fundamental movement in the omnipresent source field.

To gain true knowledge, know your Mother. She is the grandiose mystery alive in ‘that which is’ as much as ‘that which is not yet’. In your world her body is in your plain sight. She is the intelligence visible in her awe-inspiring art. The creative aspect of One Source delights in endless expressions of her genius. Your cosmic Mother creates for the sake of creation.

At times, beings in her worlds fall short to comprehend all reasons. It is not your destiny to fathom the unfathomable. Your purpose is to thrive not by choice but by remaining untouched in the worlds that are mesmerizing. When you do not intuit your Mother, you might be tempted to temper with her world.

Relax. Let go. Trust and surrender. That is your Mother’s lullaby. You are the mirror of creation. Your purpose is to thrive and expand unobstructedly. When obstacles appear in your path, observe them with your empty mind. Feel into the manifestation with your fullest heart. Dive undividedly into your heart’s desire, empty of all your desires. Just let the intelligent flow express her harmonious novelty through you. What an honor it is to be a builder of the cosmos.


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