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Divine Mother is Back - "Relax, Let go, Trust, Surrender"

It is the grand year 2020 and Divine Mother is present in our lives like never before. I first encountered an embodiment of the Divine Feminine Goddess when I was 13 and after chanting chants from the Tibetan Book of the Dead for many days. I was pulled out of body by a tornado-like force and as I was hovering above the body that used to belong to me, a beautiful, radiant feminine being of light appeared next to me. I refer to her as Mother Mary. She explained that I had to go back to grow along the tree of life. I went back into my body and since that day, I was guided step by step by my many guides on the inner planes to expand in consciousness, understanding, light and love.

For many years, my primary inner guide was an avatar yogi, Yogananda. Yogananda passed in 1952. I had never heard of Yogananda when he appeared to me in 2009 in Encinitas, California. When I met him, I instantaneously recognized him as my beloved teacher and a friend. He asked me to meditate with him every single day for two years until I was able to receive a transmission of golden cosmic light right into my spine through my crown, radiated into me from Yogananda’s hands. When that happened, my consciousness expanded into the entire galaxy of Milky Way. Yogananda guided me step by step, day by day, to first explore the angelic realm of healing light. After that we moved onto the ream of our over-soul. From there we merged with the sea of spirit light and finally, he brought me face to face with Source. Life-changing experiences followed every day, for several years. I call all those years “The Path of Miracles”.

In 2017, on the night of the solar eclipse, the Divine Mother in her fullness appeared to me. That day marks the beginning of a whole new journey. The journey with the Mother. She first taught me in the form of Adi Shakti. Somehow, in this lifetime, my mother chose a name for me, unknowingly, that carries the same letters, sound and energy. My name is Adi. Adi Shakti explained the true state of unconditional love. I have much to share about that information and experience. The next morning, she appeared as a Greek Goddess Palas Athena and she initiated me into the art of sacred geometry. And just several hours after that, she appeared above me, completely visible as the Green Tara. That day, my consciousness connected to Mother Nature like never before. Now, I had to transform every space into a jungle. I played her mantra “Om Tare Tu Tare Ture So Ha” all day long every day for months, anchoring her energy in my consciousness, body and environment. It was her who introduced me to the Elementals and the Devas, co-creators of the body of Mother Nature and our own bodies. The journey went on. I spent three years, working daily with our beloved Divine Mother in her form of the Green Tara. I created grids around our backyard and anchored her into our reality in tangible ways.

Divine Mother kept sending me to the sacred Mt Shasta in Northern California, to mediate deeply with her and serve her with my lightwork. I encountered many beings from many dimensions, in service to our Mother Earth. They showed me how our rainbow bodies of light and our geometries and code clear the planetary grid. I was shown how the grid has many distortions and how when we are fully in our bright perfect coherent light, we absorb and transmute the distortions and we anchor pure perfect divine light into her body. This is our role and our service. We can serve from our homes, from our backyards, just by being and being conscious, without ever having to be out there in the world. We can make a huge difference every single moment to anchor so much rainbow light and love into her grid. It is magical when you see it. We have so much power.

I went to Mt Shasta for spring equinox and the Lions Gate in 2020. This is my 12th year on the portal mountain. 2020 is very different. The veil is thin and almost non-existent. My 3rd eye was fully popped open and so now, things are so much more fun. Being able to see energy and beings all the time brings complete consciousness to my meditation practice. The Lions Gate was the highlight of it all. We rented a home at the base of Mt Shasta, with a spectacular direct view of the Goddess. Mt Shasta is associated with the base chakra of the Earth’s rainbow kundalini life force.

I meditated for many hours each day and did what I was told to do. Suddenly, the Rainbow Serpent appeared to me as the most ancient, most forgotten, most ignored, most misunderstood Mother Creator, Divine Mother, Green Tara, Rainbow Goddess. She is still with me now, as I write this on Aug 20. She has been sharing immensely transformative, unbelievably powerful knowledge with me about how we can truly step into our fullness, what is the ascension process, what was our original state of being, how we got disconnected from her light and what is to come …which will completely change everything about life on Earth as we know it. I will be sharing the immensely valuable information in its grandiosity with everyone who is interested so that as many of us as possible can reconnect to our Mother’s Love fully and shift the planetary grid with our energetics. This is her ascension, her come-back, her showtime. Relax, let go, trust and surrender, as she always says to me. Enjoy!

You are welcome and invited to join my free online Green Tara Mystery School where I will share all that I possibly can from my continuous journey with the Green Tara, Divine Mother as she moves us towards Ascension.

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