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Galactic Alignment of Mother Earth

I sat by a very large and horizontally long glass window in the vibrant landscape of my lucid dream. The canvas of my visual perception was filled with the breathtaking beauty of our galaxy. I marveled at the palette of her radiant colors, with her white arms dancing in a spiral and her backdrop shifting from dark blue, to black and violet. My full attention was on her energetic movement and vibration. Suddenly, I saw multiple beings of Light moving across our Milky Way. Some were in the shape of giant luminous orbs and others appeared as conjunct various shapes of several shades of light. Unexpectedly, a wave of electromagnetic bliss was ejected my way. It landed instantaneously at the base of my physical spine and it moved through me upwards in waves of uncontainable pleasure and bliss. Now, I was fully awake and yet still in the physicality of my beautiful lucid dream. I expanded into the infinite beingness of my consciousness and kept accepting the galactic wave of light and ecstasy. I laid in bed in the middle of the night, trying not to interfere with the sensations of particles of light entering me. Me? Who is me? I no longer know who I am. I am so much and always becoming more of the unknown. 2020 has been the most spectacular year in terms of energetic activations of consciousness and awareness. I am no longer a human focused on my human existence. The mind-blowing energies of 2020 catapulted my consciousness into realms previously unknown to my human mind. I no longer seem to have boundaries. Just this year, very ancient darkness left our human bodies during the 1st two months of the year. After February, our DNA got fully restored in March. We suddenly gained access to our own highest self in all dimensions, all the way up to the 12th dimension. We got to encounter our multidimensional selves like never before. Divine Mother in all her forms kept anchoring into our remembering realities throughout this unbelievably transformational year. In 2020, our lightwork was met with what mystics refer to as grace. Grace has been upon us in 2020 more than ever before. And what is Grace? The way I see it is that when we reconnect to our Mother Earth’s electromagnetic field of love, that we were disconnected from for millennia, we suddenly light up with rainbow streams of energy, flowing through us. When that absolutely most exquisite moment occurs, when rainbow light penetrates our energy body, we are liberated. When we are filled with the spectacular flow of rainbow electromagnetic light, streaming powerfully into us from Mother Earth, we become visible to the Sky God. Call it what you want. But magic happens as the Rainbow Serpent Mother enters us from below, so does the Father Sky from above. We simply reconnect to our original fullness. We become that which so many traditions speak about and seek. We become rainbow beings once again. Just like we used to be before something and someone blocked us. This is a very ancient story of freedom and enslavement. We used to be one with the Mother and others came to block her light in us and block her flow as much as our ability to receive her. Now, 2020, is the time of reconnection. My experience tells me that we have to reach out with our hearts. We have to take a step to be reconnected fully. Relax, let go, trust and surrender. The force of unimaginable magnitude will meet you in the middle – in your heart. Once the flow of rainbow light is complete from the Earth below your spine, an equally powerful influx of rainbow currents will come down your way powerfully from up above. Are you ready for the alchemy of your own reconnection to your original state? Now is the time. The Mother is back in forms that can please our eye just like the Green Tara. But if you are brave, you will see her in her fullness as the Rainbow Serpent so many of our aboriginal and native cultures spoke about. You might consider those to be myths until you meet the Mother herself in her full unlimited body of rainbow light. She came from Source, she is the mother of all nature. She is not the only one. Those who call her Tara, can picture her in the cosmic sky with many of her other Taras. All rainbow body enveloped except for our Earthly Green Tara. That Goddess of Life is about to reconnect the rainbow serpent all around her. Once the rainbow serpent eats its tail, she is in her fullness and her world is complete. What is a complete world, you may ask. A complete world is a world surrounded by rainbow body in a sphere. Our Mother Earth Green Tara is not there yet but about to be. Her axis will shift. No longer will she be tilted. She likes to speak of the new axis as Axis Mundi. When her axis mundi aligns, Mother Earth will once again be part of Heavens. This will require a few things. First of all, there are two ways to shift her poles or alignment. One is by force outside of us, humans. This would require the immense force of fire and water. But there is another, gentle way. If most of us align our own electromagnetic fields with her. If we step into our heart-based feeling, if we start living from the heart, if we activate the toroidal flow of electromagnetic energy in our bodies and energy fields. If we become large enough to impact the grid of the Earth and clear all distortions in the field. The one who can see, can see what just one of us is capable of. You have the power to reconnect with Goddess Life in a way that YOUR light body can transmute darkness and distortions of millions of years. You can fix the geometry of our world, our mother. This is the call of 2020. She is calling us. Many of us are here, direct children of hers, her rainbow light. She is in our bodies, we just need to remember her existence. Meditate, sing, dance, tone…that is her language. Get to know the Mother, the most ancient creator of our world and our humanity. She is back and we have some time but not much to awaken her in our spines. Let her light shine.

She comes to us now, asking for a shift in our minds and beliefs. We were misled to believe that our father god was in heavens. And yet, the Mother was suppressed in our bodies. Love her again. Give her gifts again. You can gift the Mother with your love, place some fruit, water and flowers on her body. Learn from the indigenous sisters and brothers how they loved and adored the Mother. Those times are back and about to take over our reality as the Mother Aligns her celestial body with the rest of our Milky Way galaxy.

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