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My mystical experience with "corona"

Several giant meteorites lit up the skies of China, northern Italy and Michigan in October 2019. Spectacular huge fireballs were witnessed by thousands of people and reported to the International Meteor Organization. One of the most influential astrobiologists, world-renown Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe, published a scientific paper, predicting a world viral pandemic due to the weak magnetic field of the Earth and the influx of several meteorites during the time of compromised electromagnetism of our planet.

I am a child of Mystery – just like you! A meditator who spent thousands of hours in meditation in this lifetime. I sat quietly for many hours in meditation at Mt Shasta in Northern CA during the COVID 19 crisis. My 3rd eye was wide open in the pristine energy field of the mystical Mountain. I saw the coronavirus in the ether, in the atmosphere, zillions of particles all around us. Not from others, but from elsewhere. I asked the virus not to enter me as I could clearly see it. I said: “You are not allowed” I held up my Lemurian crystal and focused on the rainbow body of my original essence. I saw beings from elsewhere, assisting us to transform. At night, I woke up in ecstatic laughter as I was shown the “coronavirus” is working on our cellular level to upgrade humanity.

I know. People are dying. My husband had the virus for 7 weeks. We all might have it. But I was shown it is an evolutionary force.

Prof. Wickramasinghe, who conducted his doctoral research at Cambridge University, confirms that viruses from out of space interact with our DNA and upgrade it for evolution.

I was told this is happening as we speak. We are being upgraded despite the seeming tragedies of many lost lives.

So many aspects of our established systems are forced to change in the face of the coronavirus. I trust this change will have a positive outcome as I see my inner teacher, Yogananda, working passionately on recreating the astral sphere around the Earth.

I don’t know everything but what I know – I want to share with you. I hope this serves us well. It is a huge transformation of our physical bodies and our societal systems. Let us be brave as we transform all that needs to be upgraded.

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