• Adi

What's Up on Planet Earth

Updated: Apr 7

April 2020. Tremendous changes are affecting life on Planet Earth. The times of the coronavirus can be very confusing. For spiritual seekers, these times offer an immense opportunity for transformation. As scary as the situation may seem, something very special and beautiful is being born. The Earth is preparing for her full awakening. Corona might seem like a virus and a disease, but deep down it is a positive element of the process of transformation. Our bodies are changing with the changing electromagnetic frequency of Mother Earth. When I meditate deeply, I see the corona in the ether all around us. Our physical bodies are changing on the cellular level. Our crown chakras are being cleansed in our sleep. The astral sphere of the Earth is being cleansed and redesigned. So many Master teachers are assisting us. So many beings from other Star Systems are here, assisting us. We can let go of fear and surrender to the process. As long as our hearts are filled with love, we are right on track.

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