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If you are ready for the greatest transformation possible of all areas of your life, schedule your private session with Adi. Transformation is a journey but Adi discovered how to experience quantum leaps in every area of human existence. She will guide you with immense love for you, transmitted by Divine Mother. You will experience Soul Matrix Purification to assist your clarity, growth and liberation. Your Divine Core will be activated and you will receive tools specific to your situation for a major shift into more joy, wellbeing, love, bliss and fulfillment in every area of your life. It is Adi's mission to assist you in achieving your full on bliss. It is recommended to schedule at least two sessions or monthly coaching which will always lift you to the next level of your Mastery. 

Book your private session with Adi

45 min / $147

*limited availability


You can live a perfect life. You can have all that you desire. To create your heart's desire, very often we first need to cleanse and cleanse. Adi will assist you with her multidimensional clairvoyant and clairaudient skills to liberate your Soul Matrix. When your Soul Matrix is clean and harmonious, your life becomes wonderful and joyful. The formula is simple but it takes a skilled guide to assist us in true liberation. Adi mastered the art of Soul Matrix liberation and she will transmit these pure energies to you to assist you.

Adi's coaching is not comprised of words only. You will receive powerful energy clearings and transmissions of the Light Body so that you may thrive and if you already thrive in all areas of your life, Adi will guide you to more of your own Mastery. How is that even possible? Well, the journey never ends and Adi achieved cosmic consciousness after a lifetime of meditation which she started victoriously at the age of 13. This is her mission - to assist everyone who desires more and desires a direct contact with Divine Mother and the Creator Source / God. 

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