I come from a lineage of Earth and Sun worshippers, ancestors who communicated with Life force in Mother Nature. My grandmother was an Earth Guardian who taught me how to hear the voice of Mother Creator. I spent tens of thousands of hours in deep meditation, guided by my teacher Yogananda, my Hopi Grandmother and other master beings. 

In 2009, I experienced the awakening of my life force, the kundalini. I believe the goal of our current evolution is to reach the state of activated Life force in our spines and enliven our rainbow bodies. It is where true spiritual adventure begins. 

In 2015, Yogananda introduced me to the highest realms of creation: the Source, itself. I thought that was the ultimate spiritual experience. But in Aug 2017, the night of the solar eclipse, something utterly amazing happened. I met the Divine Mother. She appeared in many forms but one of her forms was Green Tara, Mother Nature. 

My way of living on this precious Planet completely changed ever since. I am daily in direct communication with Mother Earth, the Cosmic Mother Creator. I create video messages from Divine Mother, Divine Feminine, Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Green Tara and the Elementals. These messages for humanity are received in deep meditation to assist us during the process of transformation into a new paradigm, the New Earth.

I used to think that our spiritual evolution was about our individual and collective growth in consciousness. But I learned from the Mother that we are here to be of service to her. It is my desire for as many of us, Earth Guardians, to come together and do our earth-healing magic. There is nothing more important than assisting the Earth in her ascension, healing and restoration.  

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When Divine Mother appeared to me, she showed me her many forms. One of them is Green Tara. Green Tara is a divine feminine being whose body is Nature. She is the Mother Creator of all Nature. She is our Planet with her Elementals, plants, waters, animals, rocks and the air. 

We can easily communicate with Green Tara. She is as real as it gets. She is inviting us to be in a reverend relationship with all Nature, including animals. She can be found in every flower and every tree. Her body is beneath our feet and all around us. She can also be found in indoor plants. 

Green Tara has always been with us but now, her time has come, to be adored again. We are asked to live in harmony with our Planet. We are asked to become humble again and serve Mother Nature. She will bless us with her love and aliveness. 

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