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Language of Love

Mother Nature, Mother Creator, Divine Mother - they all speak the same language: the Language of Love. They are all One. The body of the Divine Mother contains all forms. When we learn the language of love, we can directly communicate with Divine Mother. The language of Love is a vibration of our hearts. It is our feeling of Love that connects us to the Mother.

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Awaken Your Body

The Mother Creator lives in our own bodies. She is the life force called kundalini. She is the force of awakening and activation of our highest potential. When we awaken the life force in our spines, we awaken our bodies to their highest vibration. Stand barefoot in nature, feel your spine. Contract your perineum muscles. Call the Mother to awaken in your body. Dance like a wild woman / man. Bliss out. She is your greatest ecstasy.

Earthing Practices

Every strong relationship is built upon intimacy and love. When we approach the Mother Creator, we need to get intimate. Take your shoes off, open your heart and arms, sing to her, whisper to her, call upon her, adore her, nurture her. Sunrise and sunset are powerful times to connect with Mother Life. Welcome all Elements: Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether. Connect with trees; embrace them and learn from them.


Tools for Earth Guardians 2024

Humanity and Mother Earth experienced the most radical energetic changes since 2010. Our planetary ascension process is not complete. Learn how to attune your body, mind and spirit to Mother Earth and support her shift of the ages.

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