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Free online events

Adi offers  FREE regular - often daily - online events "New Moon to Full Moon" with important ascension updates directly from our Cosmic Mother Nature. Each event is a powerful combination of transmissions & activations. To join these intensely transformative LIVE events, sign up for our Newsletter. 

Tuesday,  April 16

Ancient Mother's return

11am + 5pm Pacific time

Thursday,  April 18

Reality Creation

11am + 5pm Pacific time


Summer Solstice
June 20, 2024
Bodega Bay, California

Join a beautiful gathering in a stunning location. Your heart will open like never before. Blissful experience with Green Tara Guru friends, coming together for planetary service and personal transformation. Together we shall rise.


Summer Solstice June 20, 2024

Green Tara Guru all-day, in-person gathering in stunning, heart-opening Pacific Ocean beach location, Bodega Bay, California. Our mission is to bring heaven to Earth. Summer Solstice is one of the key energetic portals for the harmonization of the self, the collective of humanity and the planet. Portals open in the planetary field that allow us to have direct access to Heavens. Through a day filled with celestial activities, meditations, transmissions and mystical exercises, together as a coherent team, we will bring Heaven to Earth. 

Annual in-person gatherings & retreats

As Mother Earth keeps ascending, it is important and powerful to gather in person to align with the Planetary & Cosmic Harmonic Energies. When we come together in person, we shift the world and humanity powerfully. Being together in person always creates a quantum leap for us individually and collectively. Green Tara Guru Initiates will gather during the following very auspicious times:

Spring Equinox

Summer Solstice

Lion's Gate 8:8

Fall Equinox

Winter Solstice 

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