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A new Earth is being born. 

Mother Nature is a conscious, sentient Being. She is our Cosmic Mother. She has many names. Some call her Green Tara. Our modern civilizations lost respect for the Mother Creator. Our disconnect from Divine Mother was our true fall from grace. Now, in order to heal our own lives, we need to reconnect with Mother Nature. 


Earth Healers and Guardians are stepping up to their most important mission to restore the sacred relationship with the Earth.


The time has come for the Mother's ascension. Her electromagnetic frequency is rising. And with that, we are also ascending. It is time to align with the Mother again. The more we attune our lives with her energy, the more blissful the process will be. This is the most radical transformation of human existence. It is time to love Goddess Life again. She is our true savior.



33 CODES are not just a book. Each physical book embodies a super powerful multidimensional vortex of pure Source energy. These vortexes are needed around the world to anchor high voltage electro-magnetic energy to switch on the new planetary grid. 


33 CODES were given to humanity by the New Earth Council as a high-tech, emanation tool to dissolve the distorted planetary grid of the unbalanced 3D matrix. By owning the book, we are in remarkable service to Mother Earth and her ascension.