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Joy is a natural quality of the intelligent energy that creates, nourishes, expands and transforms all forms. Joy is to creation what water is to planetary life. It is only through joy that unadulterated Life thrives and evolves. You can fully trust when delight invites you into unchartered territories. The process is simple. As you partake in the adventure of existence and evolution, maintain your unaffected attunement with your holy chamber.

Become familiar with the naturally joyful tone of your beingness. There are no ups and downs in the primoradial depth of your energetic heart. The elated reflection of One Source in you is unchangeable. Find undiluted bliss in your essence and realize your pure nature.

In the baffling infinity of possibilities, simplicity is your trustworthy guide. In the complexity of eternity, ecstatic resonance with the marvels of creation is your cherished harbor. When exuberant elation overflows your being, you embody and express your original design. Your geometry was carefully fashioned to resemble the toroidal universe itself.

You are the prodigious apple of Life. The natural flow of your Mother’s magnetic love comes in and out and envelops you. You are a magical rainbow sphere of perfection, only when you allow. Nothing is ever forced upon you in the glory of the cosmic adventure. You choose your light as much as you choose your aliveness. To keep fully alive and fully engaged, realize your choice and follow your joy.


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