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Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The lighter you become, the higher you shall rise. The more you liberate your being, the brighter you shall shine. The emptier you are, the fuller you may be. Filled with undiluted source rainbow light. Relax, let go, trust and surrender. Behold the key.

All is yours when you desire nothing. Embrace all Life just as is. Embody the lightness of a weightless feather. And let the flow of source energy move you in her ways. Float forever fulfilled on the perpetually rising waves of the ocean of creation. Become masterfully attuned to her rhythms. Unite with her heartbeat in the cosmic web.

See through the layers of all dream worlds with the eyes of your sacred heart. Beyond all realities you uncover a humble flow – in and out. A perfect cycle in which all become two and two become One. One body of the Rainbow Serpent dancing in oneness with her own tail.

Welcome to the New Earth. She journeyed high and low and now she returns to her complete glory. Her garment of rainbow light emanates from her overflowing planetary soul. She is your Mother. Invite her permanently into the temple in the core of your humane heart.

The canvas is blank for you to have a fresh start. May all your sisters and brothers dream well this time.


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