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Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Explore your divine genius beyond its boundless potential. Do not aim to end your journey of exploration but let the ultimate goal inspire you each and every moment to move freely into an ever-expanding infinity. Be an adventurous traveler with no fixed destination and yet do not get lost in the multilayered maze of worlds upon worlds within worlds. The key is to travel well, fully aware of your sovereign nature.

When you fathom your magical blueprint, you realize all worlds are at your disposal to wave your wand of loving intent. You may discover fabulous delight in working your magic. All life-forming particles respond to the intelligence of all-encompassing love. Make that supreme love be your one and only tool.

You are a receiver of source light. You are a transmitter of complete, all-pervading love. Source light is magnetic in its nature. Love is a term humanity chose to describe this liberal magnetic force that flows through all of creation. Magnetic rainbow rivers create and sustain all Life.

Dream endless dreams as long as you please and let them all go. None of them are real and yet they reveal your true nature. Be an unfettered dreamer in charge of your dreams. When you engage in the act of dreaming, have the generous universal laws in your higher mind – dream more love into being for all. Dream responsibly. Use all life energy required to form and fuel your dreams reliably. The rule of your energetic thumb is – ‘what comes in, shall come out magnificently multiplied to bless all Life.’


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