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Updated: Sep 4, 2023

The game of Life provides an infinity of endless possibilities to experience existence. So many roles to assume, inexhaustible opportunities to play-pretend. All realities are captivating bubbles of dreams. Some beings are fantastic dreamers, skilled at creating entire universes. Others are safely learning to use their magic wands in smaller playgrounds.

The ability to dream whole worlds into being is energetic mastery. Some call Life a cosmic school of learning. To know Life, know what Life is and what life isn’t. That which beings experience within the games across the multidimensionality of all realms as individualized and collective stories are lives with a small “L”. Whereas the non-partial container of nurturing cosmic infinity is Goddess Life herself.

Mother Life is an eternally inspired storyteller, providing fascinating opportunities for beings to practice their divine skills. How could one practice without the world of appearances? The seemingly limitless lessons experienced in ‘small’ lives, point towards absolute singularity. The play-pretend of story-lives is the breeding ground for immortal virtuosity.

When you are willing to let go of the dream out of the supreme love for Life herself, you deliver the highest treasure of your non-existent self into the yearning heart of One Source. Life with a capital “L” is fundamentally relational. For Life to realize its own capacity, she requires the mirror of your love. It is only in the eternal moment of utter love for Life that you experience the nothingness in everythingness and everythingness in nothingness. You reveal the mystery.


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