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Your blossoming in the playfield of the game of Life is inevitable. In the adventure of endless expansion, the only way is forward. That is the way of the flow. Just as a river does not reverse her flow, neither does Mother Life. All things thrive in the arms of infinity. Some sleep like dormant seeds, some grow into full stature, while others start bearing fruit and give their seeds. The perpetuation of the magnificent experiment of omniversal realization is unfailingly guaranteed.

You are hallowed to be a rightful heir to the throne. Your ability to create worlds upon worlds fascinates. To know thy birthright is to know thyself. You are the queen of your queendom and a king of your kingdom. The world is your playground not a cage. What you create is yours. Not to own but to adore with your divine essence.

There is nothing to own in any of the worlds. All belongs to all. There is nothing to be shared either. As there is nothing one can make hers or his. The field of creation is the giver of all appearances. Enjoy deeply what you see with the sight of your sacred heart. How could you share or own that which is One. Your arm does not ‘share’ your royal blood with your leg. All is One body of cosmos.

Your Mother is the cosmic queen. Her body is filled with the cosmos itself. And as there is no end to the cosmos, your Mother is boundless. When you seek things within her body, you limit your possibilities. She accepts all choices and yet her natural invitation is to be like her. She pushes her babies towards their own expansion to blast open from dormant seeds. To become trees of life and populate her forest with knowledgeable humble pride.


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