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The magnetic quality of nature’s emanation is the infallible mechanism of absolute fairness. All beings are embedded in the web of one magnetic force of attraction. You can envision each being as an individualized magnet, endowed with unlimited liberty to draw experiences, events, circumstances, words and others to you. You do not manifest your life. You magnetically draw your life to you through your internal magnetic radiation.

There is no chaos in creation as the underlying force beyond all happenings is a simple organizing intelligence of magnets attracting life onto themselves. Become familiar with your magnetic force to select your desired adventures and preferred encounters. Be intentional in your own creation. Be a master of cosmic architecture. Reign wisely over your heritage of life-attracting magnet.

As you move through life, you are exposed to infinite variety. Embody that which moves your holy heart and emanate. For it is in your own emanation that multiplication of love may proceed. Magnetism and love are one and the same vibration. Embody all that you love whether it is in your illusionary belonging or not. All is yours in the One Source field of expression. As you behold the radiance of your magnetic love for any part of creation, it is irresistibly drawn to you. That is the law all things obey in loving reverence and unfailing impeccability.


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