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Your Mother Creator is a cosmic being of unimaginable proportions. All universes are held in the incomprehensible vastness of her One body. One Source is exploring its own infinity in the mirror of One cosmos. This mystifying dance of the two creates all Life. One Source creates endless space into which the Mother moves. She fills the void with the patterns of her imagination.

She imagined you and hence you came into being. The Mother of all Life bestowed an exquisite dispensation of creation energy onto all particles in existence. All drops in the limitless ocean of Life vibrate with the same dynamic power. To know the unfathomable mechanism, driving the perpetual expansion of the web of Life, is to recognize and obey the primordial flow.

The omnipresent emanation of Source energy follows intelligent laws of Nature. Observe the all-penetrating laws in Mother Nature’s arms and apply her mastery to your own being. Be like her and thrive. Let go of your sense of self-importance readily. There is nothing to be gained by resisting the unified field of Life.

When you emanate unshakable peace in the midst of everlasting acts of exploration, you demonstrate your absolute grasp of the workings in all things. Indifferent love is the key that opens the gateway to the undiluted fullness of your origins. From One love you came, to One love you shall return. That is the unchangeable law of Nature.


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