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Transform your life with Orin's teachings

The fastest, 100% guaranteed transformation and proven accelerated growth.

Receive super powerful transmissions from Orin, supported by Adi's guidance and the power of focused group energy. 

Transform every area of your life with ease and joy rapidly, while working with Orin's transmissions.

"No stone will be left unturned."

Increase Your Inner Light
Tangible Transformation 

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Increase your inner light through contacting your soul, receiving transmissions of light from the Masters and beings of light, and aligning with extra-planetary energies. You will bring light into the atoms of your body for atomic radiance.You will learn ways to use this light for soul vision, to see into the future, and to experience more of your soul's light, love, will, power, serenity, and joy.

It is your inner light that determines what you experience and draw to you. As you increase your inner light, you will be better able to release those forms that are not aligned with your soul, and draw to you new ones that are. You will be able to create a future filled with light, abundance, joy, and inspiration.

May 24th - 29th 
Online Intensive 

Six Days of Massive Transformation 
11am Pacific time & repeat 5pm Pacific 

Friday, May 24: Surrounding Yourself With Light -- Meet and receive light from the Divine Angels of Love. Surround yourself, your home, and loved ones with light. Bring the gold and white angels into your etheric body for transformation.

Friday, May 24: Creating an Enlightened Mind -- Your thoughts create your reality. Spin old beliefs and thoughts out of your aura, awaken the point of light in the center of your head that links you with the Universal Mind, and continuously experience new, creative, and positive thoughts.

Saturday, May 25: Preparing for Time Changes -- An incredible journey into the center of time. Directly experience the “new” time that is coming. Rewrite your past and create a new future.

Saturday, May 25: Connecting With the Pole Star, Great Bear, Sirius, and Pleiades -- Make a triangle of light between the Great Bear, Sirius, and Pleiades, then travel up through this triangle to the Pole star to absorb its light of direction, will, and purpose into your being.

Sunday, May 26: Awakening Soul Vision -- Work with a Master of Vision to experience your third eye as a spinning, five pointed star. See your life through the eyes of your soul. Transmit soul vision to assist another in awakening his or her soul vision.

Sunday, May 26: Living as Your Soul -- Tap into the light, love, will, power, serenity, and joy of your soul to transform your life.

Monday, May 27: Linking With Light Workers and Great Ones -- Experience the power available to you from your inner link with other light workers. Receive transmissions from the Great Ones to assist you in harmonizing with the new light coming.

Monday, May 27: Working From the Fifth Dimension: Creating New Opportunities -- Travel into the fifth dimension. Join with high beings who will work with you to reorganize the essence of your being into a higher pattern. Become light and let all possibilities for your life open up.

Tuesday, May 28: Adding Light to Your Chakras -- Bring seven rays of light from your soul, the Solar light, and an electrical light from a Master of light into your chakras to increase your inner light.

Tuesday, May 28: Spirit Into Matter: Atomic Radiance -- Bring light into the atoms of your body to awaken the seed of light within them. Experience these atoms awakening to a new consciousness as you take one of your next evolutionary steps.

Wednesday, May 29: Seeing Into the Future -- Learn how to see into the future as you make a triangle of light between two points of light above your eyes and your third eye. Realize what actions to take that will put you on your highest path.


Wednesday, May 29: Increasing the Light in Your Aura -- Work with star energy to enhance your vision, to awaken your inner light, and to draw to yourself the best and highest opportunities.

Important information 
Read about Option 1 & 2

We have the amazing opportunity to work with Orin's transmissions and teachings as a group.

Option 1

If you purchased Orin's course "Increase your Inner Light" from in the past, you are welcome to join us for the intensive and only pay $58 administrative & teaching fee for the six day intensive. Your name and email address will be submitted to to show you already own the course.

Option 2

If you do not have Orin's course "Increase your Inner Light", the cost of the Intensive, May 24-29 plus the course will be $147 total. This includes six days of instructions plus Orin's course ($89) which you will download and can work with for the rest of your life, which is highly recommended.

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