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All particles of Life are endowed with the same universal thriving nature. To thrive is to participate fully in the adventure of creation. You were birthed and you can never cease to exist. Like an ocean wave excitedly rising and plunging, you, too, give rise to your eternal cyclical existence. You seem to come and go and yet, just like the wave, you don’t ever disconnect from the ocean. That is your heritage of eternal Life.

When you zestfully surrender to all three stages encoded in the Tree of Life, you liberate your being for the grandest mystery. To surrender is to embrace your coming, staying and going impartially. The entirety of cosmos pulses with the very same rhythm. Rise, be and be no more. While never disconnecting from the flow of the river of creation. Some might prefer for the forms to remain unchanging but that is not how Mother Nature moves.

Indeed, the intelligent current of source energy inevitably carries all beings through infinite rites of passage. Welcome the exhilarating adventure of ever new forms. Just like a seed, sprout, grow, blossom, share the bounty of your fruit. Fall to the ground with excitement, fulfilling your purpose as nourishment for the roots and your offspring. Dissolve and let the magnetic flow of your nature draw you back into the trunk and crown. And when harvest comes, let go, once again. For it is in letting go that you receive the true gift of Life.

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Unknown member
Jul 21, 2023

I hope I'm on your newsletter list ! Love your work, Adi!


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