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When One Source casts its nonpartial glance onto infinity, it only witnesses its own wholeness of rainbow shimmering golden white light. When One Source seeks many, it can only find One. All eternally living cells of One cosmic body. All perfect, all existing within one Life.

When One Source perceives the boundless expansion of creative realities, it only experiences limitless bliss. This bliss is unchangeable in its essence and yet it intensifies with every heartbeat of creation. In the blazing light of One Source, all is immaculate and ever-flourishing.

Immortal spring reigns in the infinitely thriving garden of Mother Creator. Her bottomless love nurtures all equally. Do not try to be better than your sisters and brothers, there is no need to compete for your rightful place. And yet, yearn to be your best and let your yearning fuel your own greatness. Not for the sake of outdoing others but for the glorious reason of glorification.

Glorify all Life with your essential Love. Make your love so unconditional it can bless all. That is the nature of One Source. It offers itself equally to all. It is a choice to accept. When source light outpours upon you, uncover your heart.

Find great beauty in the multitude of possibilities as each being chooses their own path. Be true to One truth and hold still in your knowing. Breathe in. Breathe out as you eagerly share the light of your realization with all. The experiment of cosmic self-realization is filled with sweet dichotomies. There is nothing you can do to please One Source. And yet, you exalt the Creator when you discover your unrestricted ability to fully love Life.


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