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The seemingly unreachable majesty of One Source can be reached without a journey in every timeless moment. The gateway into the primordial birthplace of all Life is your innocence. Innocence is a transparent state of unobstructed shine. To return to innocence is to return to your original quintessence.

When you travel far and wide through innumerable roles and embodiments, you gain experience and realize the phenomenal nature of thyself. The birth of your existence was immaculate, and independent of your journey, to purity you shall return. You can never lose your nobility just as you can never lose Life. Your innocence is an inextinguishable legacy, illuminating your holy heart.

All fractals in the body of creation behold the very same pristine flame of impeccability within the sacred chambers of their energetic hearts. The desired intention behind the game of Life is for beings to add infinite layers of experiences while keeping the innocent heart fully unveiled. As you face the unending entertainment of eternal existence, lose your mind and liberate your nature. The garden of Eden is in the blossoming lotus in your center. Be one with the ambrosial petals of your flowering and remain in the oasis of your paradise.


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