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Imagine your being as a drop of water in the ocean. One single drop. The ocean cannot exist without the infinity of drops. Your purpose for being is fulfilled so easily. Simply be a whole splendid drop and behold the inexplicable vastness of the ocean. The impossibility of grasping the ocean is left to contemplative imagination only. How could one drop know the All?

The beauty of being a drop in the mystery can only be honored by the heart. Each fractal of the ocean of creation is endowed with the same legacy to only find One Source inside the drop. All that is external is provided as bountiful remembrance clues.

When you uncover your holy portal within your sacred heart, One Source will be called to call you to play in unimaginable ways. As all fractals contain an impeccable piece of the whole, you earn the grand freedom to experience endless infinity of cosmic creation. The mystery is unfathomable. Be at peace with that.

Your yearning to know thyself is rewarded with the absolute extinguishing of thyself. How paradoxical is that. When One Source challenges you to see the ocean, your drop must find the unthinkable courage to blast right open and reveal the fullness of the mystery from within.

It is not an easy resolution to free fall into nothingness. The void of the unknown may swallow you terminally. When your yearning is uncontainable and your fearlessness sheer, embrace the big bang within your drop. Perish and behold boundless limitedness in timelessness. Embody the cosmos herself. That is the high road from something to nothing to incomprehensible everythingness.

2 commentaires

Membre inconnu
15 mars 2022

pure oneness with all & everything!


Membre inconnu
24 sept. 2021

Great post thanks

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