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The game of Life is designed upon the principles of transcendence. Each dimension differs in its transparency, offering varying conditions for beings to engage with. There are no winners or losers in the arms of eternity. Each being gets to practice, play and experience as long as One Source keeps emanating creation from its cosmic heart. Each dimension offers unique fundamental circumstances under which beings experiment with their own tools of individualization.

Transcendence is a journey of self-realization while loosening the self until it dissolves. Though, the goal of the game is not to reach the end or victory. As there can be no winners, there is no one to compete against except for the mirage of the separate self. The adventure of fragmentation was formed as the grandest experiment of fractalization and unification. All seeming dichotomies are a rich nourishment for perpetual omniversal expansion.

Your purpose is not to transcend all worlds or realities but to operate within them with undiminishable awareness of who you are. Your mission is not to check out from the playgrounds of existence but to know the rules of this supreme game and play well with uttermost love. You are never a victim of circumstances as all circumstances respond to who you are. What surrounds you now is the outcome of your past. All that is outside you is a result of your previous moves and choices on the chessboard of your many lives.

Nothing is permanent and all is subject to change. You have a treasured temple of creation with you. Welcome all that you encounter as a reflection of your transpired preferences. Your energetic blueprint allows you to draw to you anything you already hold in love in the core of your being. There is a small trick to your force of attraction. The key is to bestow your creative power of love upon all that you face and craftily extract the essence of One Source for delightful multiplication.

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Onbekend lid
02 feb. 2021

All brilliant Adi...Very poetic🙏Just I have no idea how to apply those codes??Any suggestions??thank you.


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