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Be free to receive the fullness of source light. Be free to shine your rainbow light completely with an ever-intensifying magnificence. The original construct of all beings is the seed of Life that ripens to become fruit of Life. Your journey is predestined and yet you choose your steps. Your destiny is unavoidable and yet you may miss your turns as you please. Nothing is written in stone and yet, your seed is programmed with the highest intention to become the apple of Life.

The evolution of the seed into the arms of the harvest is the grandest divine alchemy. May the process of becoming a sovereign portal for the magnetic rivers of Life delight you to no end. The mechanism of your growth is mind-blowingly pure. For it is in your uncompromising sovereignty, you unlock the awesome mystery.

When you realize the illusionary nature of all realties, woven into the web of creation, you become free. Freedom is an attitude towards all things, shiny or not. When you are truly free, you dissolve the story-telling self and embody the entirety of the cosmos ecstatically. The game was designed to entertain, not only you but One Source itself. Why exist if not for delightful exploration of infinity?

Those who encounter the original face of eternity, embrace blissful indifference. That is an act of bravery. The game of existence is divinely woven to explore impossible possibilities. Only the most skilled of all players recognize the trickery. Can you be free to foolheartedly embrace the stories of your Mother Life and let her direct the cast? Creation is filled with extraordinary paradoxes. Don’t seek a way out, seek your way in. To believe the stories playing out on the playground of this fantastic adventure, is to forget your sovereignty. Your freedom is the key to the universal truth. Find freedom in your holy of holies and bless all Life.


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