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Each world in the body of cosmos is programmed to strive for coherent harmony in all beings. When all beings in a world achieve a state of harmonious existence within themselves, the world becomes complete, surrounded by an intact body of rainbow light. The Rainbow Serpent embraces the entire spherical world with her glowing body.

A complete world is not a world to end, but rather one to fully blossom. All beings residing upon an experiential plane are given the playground opportunity to practice their consciousness in experiencing Life and responding to Life. When all respond with all-encompassing love for all Life, the world may transcend into its rainbow glory and grace.

Your New Earth is an existential realm within which all beings self-realize their internal and external harmony. All running their rainbow bodies in reverence for the planetary energy as well as the flow of Source light. The key is to maintain the liberated flow of ‘in and out’ and ‘out and in’. That is the law of Mother Nature. All energies must move effortlessly in synchronistic attunement with the flow of Life herself.

All dimensions are coded differently and yet all exude the same code of revealed Mother Nature. There is natural simplicity in the baffling complexity of creation. When you seek to fathom the unfathomable, just observe Mother Nature and mimic her ways. She contains all answers to the riddle of the mystifying game of everlasting cosmic expansion. She hid all clues in plain sight as an expression of her inexplicable dual nature of deepest loving care and playfully mischievous trickery. Nothing is hidden and yet all must be found.


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