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Be like an eagle, expressing your grandiose harmony as you open both wings to balance your majestic flight. Two equally expanded arms, synchronizing in unity to enable your lofty mission.

Be like a raven, in a glamorous act of continual balancing, to carry out your innate calling masterfully. You are three in one being. Handle each part symmetrically as you experience the stupendous miracles of Life from your center.

Harmony is the cardinal nature of Source intelligence. As she everlastingly expands through the web of creation, she seeks her own zero point between all dualities in realities she creates. Her way of constant give and take balances all her acts. Be like her – internalize a scale of justice as you take on fascinating roles in the experimental game of Life. Calibrate the rhythm of your being to rest in the field of liberty.

All of Life is sacred. Surrender the allurement to name things. Let them all unfold freely, existing to realize their own adventure of evolution. All of Life is sanctified. Surrender the temptation to perceive any part as lesser than. It may seem there are many and yet in truth there is only One. You realize your highest state of knowing when you embrace All in the magnetic field of your unwavering love.


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