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The joyful essence of Life is unlimited freedom. When the essential nature of liberty is honored in all particles of creation, all Life thrives. Thriving is the most natural movement of the intelligent energy, expanding the monumental body of cosmos. All particles outpouring from One Source are encoded with an unchangeable quintessence of innate prosperity. To thrive is to allow Life to express her supreme potency.

When nothing obstructs the raw flow of creative cosmic sustenance, all things and all beings are glorified. The simplicity of the exalted mystery is bewilderingly elemental. What flows in, is intended to flow out amplified. That is the key code of abundant thriving. Withhold nothing and multiply all. Mimic the universal rhythms of Mother Nature to honor the gift of Life.

The inherent design of the game of creation is boundless generosity. Life is the ultimate giver of all good things. When One Source examines its reflection in the all-reaching cosmic echo, it sees no things outside itself. All is One body, One ocean of rainbow vital light. As such, there is no one to individually nourish, no one to selectively support, no one to exclusively sustain. Who fathoms the wholeness of the web of Life, finds the inexhaustible treasures of the lavish queendom of heavens.


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