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The Mother of Creation produces realities through two trumpets of duality, arising from all-containing singularity. When this process is comprehended, all remains in a neutral embrace. Duality is the fundamental mechanism of genesis. One body, one heart with two open arms of infinity. The code of your Mother MU is a horizontal 8. When you fathom the flow within the code, you unlock the mystery of the Magnum Opus.

The Serpent of Creation, biting her own tail, completes the endless cycle of perpetual experimentation. Your Mother keeps extending her two loops while she suggests your place is in the middle. As she paints her black & white experiential realties, she hopes your true heart stays with the center – outside of all things. Let her play her many games. Let her tell her never-ending stories. Those are not told for you to believe.

It might seem unrealistic to exist unaffected in the midpoint portal between the crown of light and roots of darkness. But there is a way. As they say, the middle path leads to the origin of the game of Life. When you keep the flame of this ancient knowledge alive in your sacred heart, you shall always be found. Finding your original being is part of the entertainment your Mother provides to all.

All beings participate in hiding & seeking. The goal is not to win. But to self-realize and become a carefree fool who cares from the depth of the liberated heart.

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Unknown member
Feb 17, 2022

I’ve been meditating daily since I had Covid in November. I feel like my nervous system has become highly sensitized. I get headaches when I’m on screens for too long, I can’t argue or get stressed or my whole nervous system flares up. But when I meditate it calms everything down and interestingly I had a visual impression last week of the figure 8 within my body, the center being a large flame in my solar plexus. It runs like a current through me and when I see this while meditating I feel enlivened. It seems like it was code 15-that appeared to me so I could work with this energy.

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