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Welcome all children entering your world with devotional dignity. Children are much grander than they seem to be. Do not limit your perception by the deception of their physicality. Those who come after you, advance the world. Let them express the astounding treasures they so otherworldly carry and shine. Children are holy beings arriving from illuminated realms. Listen to them deeply and enrich your dream reality with ever-new, Life-widening realizations. Mimic your children and return to your truth.

When solutions are needed, apply the principles of mimicry. Imitate Mother Nature and her youth. Your young ones are your honored elders. In your world, they are the bringers of new dawn. Refrain from making your children affirm the world as you knew it. Liberate your habitual mind and let your children keep their wings.

The path of wisdom exclusively aligns with the magnetic flow within all particles of Mother Nature. Her biology is the phenomenal expression of her energetic geometries. When you synchronize your steps with her singing, you can never lead yourself astray.

The magnitude of the game of Life can at times be so mesmerizing and beings forget their rightful place. When playing the game of existence gets overwhelming, sit openly, breathe and tune into your children’s sacred nature. There is only one nature and her language sounds identical in all hearts. All hearts contain the original essence of the mystery in which creation is simply a grandiose artistic expression of vibration, animating energy.


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