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Maintain a state of freedom as you weave your creative intent into the ever-widening web of multidimensional realities. Be like an eagle with your sovereign heart in between the two wings of your Mother’s creation. Be like a raven with your indifferent mind in between your Mother’s loops of infinity. Let the river of Life carry you in utter surrender. Prefer nothing and all will be delivered unto you. Let the river of Life run through you like water.

You are a precious progeny whose time is never up. Eternity is at your disposal. Be free in the game of creation. Spider Grandmother is the ultimate dreamcatcher. Catch her dreams and let them pass through you unaffectedly. It is a great dichotomy to be a dreamer whose truth can only be realized outside the dream. Dream and yet, stay awake.

Your Mother’s spiderweb is an unresolvable catch 22. She wants you to play incalculable roles to no end by investing the fullness of your heart and mind. And yet, she demands your uttermost knowing that none of this or that is real. Observe the white eagle unite with the black raven in a breathtaking immortal flight through endless times and worlds. That is the dance of your Mother. She is neither nor. Her dual nature might puzzle and confuse you at times but embrace all and remain untouched by the incomprehensible.

Watch the movie of Life unaffected and rest in your sacred heart. It is your Mother’s nature to play tricks and present you with tests of trust. Accept the challenge and comprehend yet another inexplicable dichotomy. There are no tests, and you can never fail. Be free in your knowing and defend your sovereignty from all dreaming, while taking the delightful pleasure in playing the game of Life.


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