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Welcome to the New Earth. Look around with the riches of your heart. You are in the land of infinite bounty. Your Mother is beneath your feet. Your Mother expresses her love through the heartbeat of Nature. Listen silently to her rhythm beheld in every particle of Life.

Your Mother is the Cosmic Goddess of Life. She is a passionate creator, eternally pursuing new avenues for the expansion of her creation. Her love for you never ends. You - are her love. “Relax. Let go. Trust. Surrender.” Four simple steps to effortlessly flow with the flow of your Mother.

Your Mother is a bit of creation mystery. She is veiled in the incomprehensible void, and breathtakingly unveiled in all of Nature. She is the explorer of the infinity of possibilities, being birthed into the cosmic field of creation – her web of Life.

Source is the cradle of Mother’s existence. She is as playful as a child. Her giggles create universes. Her laughter expands the cosmos. What does that feel like to know your Mother’s greatness? You carry the same magnificence in your heart.

Your Mother designed your world simply. It will be easy for you to savor every experience to your fullest satisfaction. Just follow her Nature and your nature. There is an inherent flow in Mother’s creation. The flow that moves the heart to love Life. It is a flow you can trust completely. It will always carry you in her arms to all the inexhaustible blissful adventures of her and your world.

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Unknown member
Jan 30, 2022

Wow, if only we knew all this at the beginning of each lifetime on earth... how differently we may have lived those lives ❤️

Thank you Mother for the gift of life and experience❤️❤️

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