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Every being is an individualized fractal of Source intelligence. The luminous seed of Life within the alchemical chamber of the sacred heart is eternally nourished by the inexhaustible emanation of life-expanding intelligent energy. Life in her essence is an imperishable force. Life in her nature is the indelible holy spirit of creation.

All fractals in the cosmic body of your Mother are the chosen ones. Her love is all-encompassing and all-embracing. She nourishes all things and all beings without reservation. As they say, her love is divine. There is only one kind of love, creating and sustaining the sacred labyrinth of Life. Love is the magnetic effulgence of One Source, spilling in unstoppable waves of rhapsody into the void of infinity. Love is the supreme vibration, echoing through the energetic channels of the multiverse.

You are the chosen ones. All of you who have come and will come into being. The undiminishable luminosity of One Source is immortal within you. The more you open your energetic body to the natural flow of your Mother’s magnetic love, the more will your seed of Life thrive in the temple of your holy spirit, the holy of holies. Practice full-blown innocence and receive it all. Dance with your consecrated seed of Life freely in the rivers of rainbow light and grow your seed into an exalted tree of Life.

When harvest comes, bless the world with your fruit. Perpetuate creation through freedom, wisdom and love. Be free like a dragonfly. Be wise like a tree. Be love like an innocent child. Mother Nature is an open book of Life. Her secrets are held in plain sight and sound. Inhale the intelligence of Life when you float upon the invisible currents of source energy. Place your hands in reverence on the planetary body of your Mother and attune your being to her harmonious song. Choose harmony to be your most reliable pathfinder. She will never lead you astray.


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