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The original intent of your conception is for you to master the highest art of magic. Your invisible magic wand works its wonders within your mind and heart. You are the holy grail of royal alchemy – the receiver, the alchemist and the transmitter. High magic of creation requires an uttermost respect and reverence. For each particle of source energy must be handled with absolute love.

When you internalize the sacred knowledge of Life-forming intelligence and express nothing but integrity into the cosmic web, you become a master of thyself. A master is a being of simplicity whose mental powers are without exception inspired by limitless love. A master is liberated from a desire to create and yet will play along to alchemize Source energy into patterns. A master knows the inside out of the game and is not fooled by the Mother’s dichotomies.

It is your most natural Nature to be a master. You were brought into existence as a perfect being with no experience. Your mastery is always dormant or alive within your mind and heart. As you move through multitude of dream realities, welcome the challenge to master thyself. Remembering, there is no self. What a delightful adventure it is to be lost and found.

Being a fragment of the body of the Rainbow Serpent Mother is innately a magic trick all fractals yearn to decipher. Are you lost or are you found? The key is to remain found even when you are millions of worlds apart from One Source. The spider web of your Mother stretches across many dimensions and countless realities. To play the cosmic game of endless expansion well, is to constantly remain above the playground and yet invest your heart and mind wholeheartedly. Get your hands dirty in the sands of creation, while you remain everlastingly clean and clear.


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