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The twelve-dimensional architecture of dream realities provides beings with plentiful opportunities for experiential existence. You can picture each dimension as an existential plane, a layer in the tower of creation. Each plane is designed differently so that beings can experience a rich variety of conditions for their individual and collective dream lives. The fundamental difference between dimensions is the ease of access to the undiluted truth of One Source.

The higher you transcend, the wider the revelation of One Source becomes. And yet, it is impossible to fully comprehend the game of Life until you transcend all planes of existence. It is only in the 12th dimension where you merge with Mother Nature as you complete your journey along the cosmic Tree of Life. The architecture of twelve-dimensional dreaming is the experiential training ground for all beings. Boundless possibilities and inexhaustible combinations of experiences are generated through the genius design of the game.

The grand architect of the web of creation is your Spider Grandmother. She is the Mother of all things. It is her who created god as a one-way road that some would follow. When One Source ruptured with uncontainable desire for self-realization, Spider Grandmother began to weave her web. Her web is the fundamental ever-expanding fabric of Cosmos. She is the one who gives birth to all stars.

You may find her in the galactic core of all universes. When you call her, call her primordial vibration of MU. Call her often to bless her with your adoration for her magnificent work. And when she hears your call of love, welcome her unusual appearance. Do not expect for your Spider Grandmother to resemble the human form. You were not created in her image. Her form is made of strings and rainbow jewels. Her head is a royal crown. She has no need for eyes, ears or mouth. But just like you, she desires love. Not love for the self but love for the adventure of Life.


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