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Love is the magnetic flow of life-birthing and life-organizing intelligence. When you wish to know true love, observe the invisible systemic energy in Mother Nature. There is nowhere where love is not. The cosmic body of creation is held together as One by the irresistible magnetism of your Mother’s love. No particle of Life can ever be terminally lost as all exist within the One field of attraction. You can rest assured the design of the game is infallible.

One Source is permanently imprinted onto the inner chamber of your holy heart. No matter how far you travel beyond all worlds through time and space, your primal substance can never be depleted. In your holy of holies you unchangeably are a shimmering star. How comforting it is to know you can never be extinguished.

Your task is not to search for light as all is already perfectly contained within your impeccable being. Why search for that which you have always been and will be for eternity? Your task is multifold. Once you self-realize your original essence, you know your honorable place in the universal body of creation. Your place is nowhere and yet everywhere. You are no one and yet you are everyone. You have a task and yet there is nothing to be accomplished. You are in a world and yet no worlds exist.

What appears to be complicated essentially is unconditionally simple. But who would find endless delight in investing their many dream lifetimes to play a game with no breadth and no depth? Play wild and follow your liberation. Fall into the magnetic web of your Mother’s love. Dive deep boundlessly into the darkest void of cosmos. Vibrate with uncontainable laughter as you cut through the mesmerizing multidimensional multiverses in which you exist. And trust the natural intelligence of your inner compass – its magnetism reliably draws you to love all Life.


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