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Nothing is more important than knowing your Mother. Her body and face shapeshift as she playfully pleases. When she is stripped of all her games, she beams like a radiant rainbow serpent, gracefully moving in curves from Source to her many worlds. Her flow spirals and dances in magnetic waves through all of Life. Her rainbow light infinitely sustains her fascinating creation.

Your heart is a sacred portal through which your Mother streams the ecstatic current of love. The less you do, the more she enters you fully. Hold still while you dance in divine ecstasy. Keep your energetic heart wide open to your Mother’s love. You are her holy grail, and she will bless you. Magic happens in the alchemical chamber of your heart. Hold still while you sound your tone of creation. The Celestial Father hears the echo of his beloved reverberating through your Being.

Inhale deeply as the Rainbow Serpent Father descends longingly from Source to merge with your Mother in the core of your divinity. Hold still as you become an ignited fruit of Life. Marvel at your own rainbow body, flowing up and down, all around you and within you, creating the mystical Tree of Life.

Nourish the roots in your Mother’s body daily. Extend your crown into your Father’s sky. That is your eternal purpose. To know and expand who you truly are.


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