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The ever-expanding tapestry of creation is the unfathomably vast body of cosmos. The endless cosmic playground was, and still is, being birthed from the primordial fire of ecstatic explosion of celestial nothingness into divine everythingness. Glory upon glory emanates from boundless Source as sensational shimmering rainbow golden white light. The outbreath of One Source gives birth to radiant stars, illuminating the colorful fabric of cosmic creation.

In your original design, you are a luminous star. You were created from perfect love and immaculate light to become a treasured progeny of One Source. It is your inherent gift to receive the fullness of Source energy through the funnel of your sacred heart. The alchemical process of procreation takes place in your holy heart. Sound your tone in the central chamber of your Being. Enrich the primordial life force with your unique song. Imprint infinity with the creative power of your love for the game of Life.

Exhale your gift into the web of Life fully. As you do so, all Life is blessed. Congratulations -you have expanded Mother creation. She holds all her children softly in the loving arms of her web. Your Mother is the weaver of realities. When you accept fully the bestowal of pristine life-forming energy, you are only two steps away from fulfilling your purpose. When you infuse the holy spirit with your individual essence and your heart’s desire to contribute constructively to all Life, you are only one step away from fulfilling your purpose. For it is in the state of radiance when your purpose is accomplished. When you transmit all that you receive, enriched and multiplied by your own creative genius, you demonstrate your mastery and understanding of the game of life, which is to always give more than you receive.

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Unknown member
Sep 04, 2022

It is my inherent gift to receive the fullness of Source energy through the funnel of my sacred heart . . . so in turn, I will lavishly imprint infinity with the creative power of My love!(thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so blessed!)

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