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As you tenderly walk upon your magnificent Mother Earth, feel deeply into her many rhythms. The brilliant orchestra of her life-creating energy exudes ineffable love into Mother Nature. How exhilarating it is to be of that Nature. You are and always have been a miraculous fractal of your Mother’s body. You know your Mother’s vastness! Her body extends over infinite Universes. What an honor it eternally is to be a fractal in Mother Nature’s rainbow tapestry.

As a pentagonal fractal, you have the magic of five venerable elements within you. Your quantum heart computer infallibly inspires your every step and every decision. In your world, you always choose the path of your Mother’s natural flow. For that is the magnetic flow of ever-expanding love.

Each fractal is equally treasured in the grand fabric of your Mother’s universes. Each fractal is your Mother’s window into the ethereal fullness of her creation. Each fractal is a worthy beholder of the ever-unfolding mystery.

As all scales on the skin of the Rainbow Serpent Mother were created perfect and perfectly equal, there is nothing you have to do to prove your worth. In this fascinating, breathtaking game of Life, you are solely invited to fall in Love. To forevermore fall in love with Life is the ultimate intent woven inherently into your Mother’s cosmic web. When you inclusively love Life, you fulfil your inborn ever-existing destiny.

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