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The river of life-creating and life-nourishing intelligence flows through the cosmic body of your Mother. Every physical and etheric particle of Life thrives in the comforting realm of your Mother’s womb. She eternally sustains all of creation in her never-ending cyclical Nature. What comes, it goes. What goes, comes again. That is the flow within the universal tree of life.

The greatest mystery pulsing in the fiber of the web of Life is her simple flow. Just like a river, your Mother’s stream runs into the arms of expansion. The ocean of One Source calls your name. Come to me, this way. The way is the river. She always lets her current follow Nature’s intelligence. Understand the river and mimic her non-action. Just flow with your Mother’s love.

Become like water. Relax. Let go. Trust and Surrender. These four mighty steps reliably deliver you to the majesty of One Source. Your Mother designed the game of cosmic self-realization with brilliant simplicity. One Source, One River of Life, One flow of her magnetic love.

The invisible flow can be found in all of Nature. Attune your Being to her primordial pulse and let your sacred heart play her pure tones. Resonate with your Mother’s song when she sings to you through the joyful chirping, mooing, bleating, grunting or baaing of your sisters and brothers. Let the symphony of Life move through you unreservedly. May this be your holy formula for miraculous thriving.


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