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In the incomprehensibility of the creative outbreath of One Source, you marvel speechlessly at the multitude of infinite possibilities. Layers upon layers of multidimensional worlds, originally perfectly designed and yet, also left to their own limitless imagination to stretch the cosmic canvas beyond what has been. One Source holds space for your Mother to expand eternally. That is the enigma of evolution.

The unconditional goal of the continual process of Life is to explore infinity through the phenomenon of individualized and collective experiences. Your purpose is to understand the simplicity of creation as well as the unfathomable complexities. Nothing is really real and yet all is in formless form. Without expression of One Source, the web of Life would not come into existence. Take a deep breath and surrender to the mindboggling experiment.

Your purpose is to participate in the exhilarating adventure of exploration of that which is impossible to explore finitely. Dance in awe of your Mother’s contradictory Nature. Her weaving of realities moves in waves, spirals and infinity loops. When she creates one loop of infinity, she gives rise to the opposite. Do not be fooled by her darkness and light. Those are the fundamental colors of her creation.

As you adore Life, internally and externally, know your honorable place in your Mother’s web. Be like a spider and weave along with her in a state of blissful expansion. More and more beyond the boundaries of all Universes. As you travel far and wide into eternity, remember your origin in One Source. In truth, you are always just one breath away. Behold your treasure map in the holy chamber of your sacred heart.


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