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All of creation is a reflection of One Source. Without the mirror of experimentation, One Source could not compute its own inexplicable existence as well as her void. You are a fragment of the shadow as you pulsate with the light of Life. Each Being is a valued instrument in the cosmic orchestra of perpetuating magnification.

Welcome all seeming differences and the richness of variations with your open heart. Embrace the necessity for extravagant multitude of unimaginable potentialities, expressed as your kin, all offspring of your Mother Creator, all illuminated with the very same resplendent light.

Behold this knowing as you encounter others in playful collaborations. The underlying design of all Beings across the multiverse is One body, One beehive, One honeycomb, each and every fractal embodied in the One. Oneness is the unbreakable and undiminishable Nature of One creation, One Life.

Relax into the individualized uniqueness of each fractal and be free. Freedom is the ultimate nature of all realities. For it is in unconditional freedom, you inherit the queendom of heaven. Only when your heart is untethered, can you fully thrive.


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