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From One Source, two were born. Where two merged in one, the third emanated. Two loops of infinity swirling through the portal of one Love. Light and dark, embracing each other in a vivacious dance of ecstatic experimentation. All of creation inherently contains the dualistically unifying geometry of this simple cosmic genesis.

Life-birthing intelligence flows from the heart of all things. Life-nourishing currents flow into the hearts of all things. When you close your eyes, you see the all-pervading ocean of euphoric rainbow light. All is everlastingly well. Your Mother is the queen of inexhaustible inspiration and boundless creativity. At times, her stories make your heart jump. It is her in greatest service to One Source, attempting to find a finite answer to infinity.

You know her words: Relax. Let go. Trust and Surrender. All is well and always will be. To see through the overwhelming plethora of your Mother’s dream realities, just focus on the point in the middle, where her trumpets of light and dark meet. The portal of infinity exists beyond the web of creativity. When you arrive in the true center of creation, you find One truth. You are the way, the truth and the Life.

The secret shortcut to One Source beyond all created multidimensional realities is the holy of holies in the inner chamber of your energetic heart. The way to enter the temple is to sink in softly as if nothing but omnipresent emanation of love ever came into expressed being. When you relax, let go, trust and surrender, your Mother will deliver you back to One Source as a radiant Sun. That is when three become reunited One.


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